Inaugural MIPP Conference

View photos from our inaugural MIPP Conference.


Inaugural session: Top, Left to Right: Prof Sheil, Prof Scales, Prof Struggnell, Prof Dey.
Bottom, Left to Right: Dr Das, Prof Nagarajan, Prof Lohani, Prof Muthupandian
Middle, Left to Right: Prof Ramasesha, Audience, Dr Arora
Participants networking during lunch/coffee break
Conference Dinner at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG): Top, Left to Right: Prof Strugnell and Prof Dey with Prof Sangwai and Prof Jha, Chief Guest Ms Manika Jain, Prof Evans
Bottom, Left to Right: Delegates enjoying MCG Tour, MIPP Students
Middle, Left to Right: Networking over drinks, Prof Jim McCluskey, Himanshu Mishra

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