MIPP Conference (MIPPC)

30–31 January 2017

MIPPC is a student-led conference under Melbourne India Postgraduate Program (MIPP). The aim of this conference is to showcase MIPP PhD students’ progress in collaborative research in STEM areas to the academic community of MIPP partner institutions and University of Melbourne (UoM). The conference will serve as a common interactive platform for MIPP students and their supervisors from UoM and partner institutes in India. The conference will feature oral and poster presentations by MIPP students and keynote talks by invited speakers.

Download: 2017 MIPP Student Conference Agenda 881kb PDF

Download: 2017 MIPP Student Conference Abstracts 7.5mb PDF

Download: 2017 MIPP Student Conference Final Report 427kb PDF

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  • All MIPP students MUST present their research work in this forum. Participation is mandatory for all the MIPP students and any exception would need a formal approval from their supervisors.
  • Each MIPP student participating in the conference will present (oral) their research work for a maximum of 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of QA session.
  • The presentation content could vary based on what stage of their PhD they are in — it may include literature review and proposed research plan, current work and associated results/findings or even a complete thesis. The content must follow a presentation template (will be provided).

Organising committee

Aakash Gupta, Chinchu Mohan, Gokul Siva Sankar, Himanshu Mishra and Mukesh Soni

Advisory committee

Meenakshi Arora, Udaya Parampalli and Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Contact details

For any queries, please send an email to: mippconference@gmail.com (cc: mukesh.soni@unimelb.edu.au).