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What is MIPA?

  • MIPA, an extension of MIPP, is a Joint Degree Doctoral Program, wherein students will receive a degree jointly awarded by both the partner institutions (University of Melbourne (UoM) and one of the three IIT’s).
  • MIPA will provide students with an exclusive opportunity to work in both continents during their candidature and earn a dual degree accredited both in India and Australia.
  • Students enrolled in MIPA will work on a project jointly developed by both supervisors and mentored by a joint advisory committee consisting of academics from UoM and one of the IITs.
  • Students will spend a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months in UoM during their candidature (UoM scholarship is for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years).
  • Students interested in this joint PhD program may apply through IITK, IITM, IITKgp or UoM — referred to as Home Institution.
  • PhD students who are in their first year of PhD at IITK, IITM, IITKgp or UoM may be eligible to transfer into the joint PhD program, if both the supervisors are happy to support the application and provide necessary support.

Eligibility criteria

  • Students must have a GPA of 8.5/10 or above from Bachelor’s or Master’s degree conducted at one of the participating institutions: IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur or IIT Madras (as MIPA is extension of MIPP, the eligibility requirements stay the same).
  • Students need to apply at both institutions simultaneously as they are required to satisfy the entry requirements for PhD at both IIT (K or M or Kgp) and University of Melbourne.
  • Students are required to attach a letter of support from the Dean, International of one of the participating institutions IIT (K, Kgp or M) with their application to UoM.
  • Students are also required to attach a letter of support from both the supervisors along with the application.
  • Academics from IIT and University of Melbourne will jointly advertise projects for joint PhD program — a list will be available at the International Relations office. If you do not find a suitable project advertised, you can contact the academic staff from both institutions to develop a project in consultation with all the supervisors involved.

View the list of proposed PhD projects

Selection process

  • Students receive admission and scholarship offers from home institution and a conditional offer from participating institution for a MIPA joint PhD program.
  • Once the student is enrolled at the home institution (IIT or UoM), an advisory panel will be set up within a month of start date.
  • The co-supervisor from partner institution will be part of the advisory panel. The panel will meet twice in a year to assess the student’s progress.
  • The candidate will follow the rules of home institution during the candidature regarding the coursework, confirmation and comprehensive examination requirements. Students will be required to do the coursework only at the home institution. However, all the supervisors from participating institutions will work closely with the student while the student completes the coursework.
  • The starting date at the partner institution will be the date of completion of comprehensive/confirmation examination at home institution. Student will spend 12–24 months at UoM in consultation with the supervisors.
  • When joining the partner institution, student will need to deliver a departmental seminar to communicate about their research to the departmental colleagues.
  • Students will be required to furnish six-monthly progress reports to both institutions via advisory panel.
  • Students will receive the local scholarship from the resident institute at any given time during their candidature (a maximum of 2 years at UoM).

Thesis submission and examination

  • Student will submit identical copies of thesis written in English at both institutions.
  • The thesis examination will be handled by the home institution and would be examined by at least two external examiners who are independent of both institutions.
  • Thesis will be sent to reviewers with two sets of forms; one for each institution.
  • Student will resubmit the revised thesis on the basis of reviewers’ comments with in consultation with both the supervisors and with approval of Chair of Examinations. If one of the IITs is the home institution, student will undertake oral defence at this institute.
  • Student will receive two separate certificates acknowledging the joint nature of the degree and including the name of the partner institution.

How to apply

  • Submit an online application for the PhD course and Graduate Research Scholarships: International.
  • Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.
  • You need to apply for candidature and a scholarship and mention that you are applying for MIPA scholarship.
  • To avoid delays in the assessment of your application, you must include all required documents.
  • Note: Submission of application along with documents listed above allows your application to be assessed by the selection panel on a competitive basis. Application submission does not guarantee the admission to PhD program and scholarship

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